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012523e20a8a11e3ae7f22000ae912b7_6 Our sewing genius Rosalie cutting out the backs for pillows

5af0fff81bc511e3b7ba22000aaa2161_6 Mini pillows on a record player

7e90da821bc511e3b46022000a1f9be1_6 Mini pillow on some books

8713bd361bda11e3997822000a1fd57c_6 Mini pillows on bricks!

5d1a7276249611e3b96f22000aeb0cca_6 DC themed mini pillows and coin purses- available this saturday in DC at the #craftybastards show! #madeindc

Ed7bff5224b311e3835922000ab5cb25_6 Original, meet your new friend, Mini. Now play nice. #stitchtagram

D49b618a284611e3b62222000aeb43cc_6 Set up at #craftybastards in dc! Come say hi!

Ccc734922c8911e3b7a722000a9e5154_6 Pile O' pillows #stitchtagram

06137f2a2fce11e3a17a22000a1fd129_6 Such a cute coin purse!!

6fb3778a1bc111e3bb2322000a1fb131_6 It's live!

About Stitchtagram

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Since 2011 we've been making nice & soft things out of your photos from Instagram and elsewhere. Pillows, totes, wristlets, and coin purses. They are quite possibly the perfect gift, and super fun to make for yourself too. They make really great gifts and are fun to have around your home.

Why do we think anyone needs stuff like this? Because we believe that the internet is not enough for your photos. It's a shame when great and memorable pics fall off your Instagram feed, never to seen again. Our products let you keep your photos alive by bringing them out into the real world, to be enjoyed every day.

The photos are digitally printed on a linen-cotton canvas or woven cotton.
We make all of our bags by hand in Washington, DC, and the pillows nearby in North Carolina.

Design Something Now!

See some pillow making in action and keep up with us at, or on Twitter at @stitchtagram.

More questions? Something we missed? Please get in touch.

About Us

Stitchtagram is made up of the brother/sister team Doug and Rachel Pfeffer.

Doug Pfeffer makes stuff on the internet, including this very site. Find him on Twitter at @pfeffunit, or see more of his work here.

Rachel is the jeweler behind Rachel Pfeffer Designs. When she's not designing/packing/shipping/carting around pillows and fabric, she's soldering in her DC apartment.

All of Stitchtagram's products are sewn and assembled in Washington, DC, our nation's shining capitol. The internet bits have been hand crafted in New York City.


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